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book1 Life is relentless with its never-ending challenges, made more difficult by our choices. "The View from Inside" takes the reader on a journey inward, where both a comforting calm and the wisdom to find our best answers to life’s dilemmas reside—knowing the enormous benefits of living each day with a connection to your sacred consciousness has a transformative power. In this easy read with thought-provoking concepts, life coach Donna Levesque writes about becoming your own best friend, finding love, living with acceptance, the perils of expectations, and much more to stimulate thoughts about creating peace in your life amid constant uncertainty and life-changing challenges.



book1In "You Can't Know What You Don't Know Until You Know It: Surviving the Perfect Storm of my Empathic Relationship with a Narcissist", Donna Levesque discovers twenty-three years too late what the term narcissistic personality disorder means and the damage it can inflict on an innocent spouse. It wasn’t until she was divorcing her husband that she learned the truth about his disorder, and suddenly the years of lies, manipulation, adultery, and addiction made sense. In her book, Levesque explains how her own empathic personality made her the perfect victim of her husband’s narcissistic desires and demands even after filing for divorce and learning of his sex addiction, criminal activity, bankruptcy, and boundless depths of cruelty. She provides insight into why victims choose to stay with a narcissist and why it is so difficult to leave and then, shows the reader how she survived and ultimately freed herself from a relationship with a toxic person.


book2"Realizations" is a personal journal where the reader answers questions related to a specific quote about life. Responses to the quotes and introspective questions are designed to develop a stronger self- awareness with the intention to know oneself better and understand who and what is important. The better we know ourselves, the easier it is to make better choices that align with a life we want to live. The "balance in life" we search for is accomplished when our ego is aligned with highest self consciousness. This combined consciousness motivates in a healthy way providing best solutions to our life's challenges. Our best self provides the guidance while the ego motivates us into action. Living a better life starts with knowing ourselves and becoming our own best friends.