Welcome to my website. I am pleased that our paths have crossed and hope that I can assist you.

I am committed to share what I know and believe to be true about life with you in the hopes that our shared conversations will help you in the way you need. I believe that a greater self-awareness and finding personal freedom as we live our life is the path to our best life.

My book "You Can't Know What You Don't Know Until You Know It" offers insight into a time in my life when I learned about myself, my choices and acceptance.  I was changed by the knowledge I gained, which proved to change my life drastically. There can be no judgment of what has been because choices were made with the knowledge at that time. As we learn more we know better and then can make better choices.  The point about life is to keep learning more in pursuit of our best selves.

My book The View From Inside: Creating Your Own Calm describes what I know now about living and how to best interact in a world filled with uncertainty. 

To request a consultation, you can inform me of your circumstances by sending me an email, or leave a brief voice message or text me. Please indicate when is the best time for a response to ensure your privacy. I will respond personally within 24 hours.

E-mail: conversationsaboutlife@gmail.com

Phone: 401-835-5937

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