Welcome to Conversations About Life.

I originally started Conversations About Life with a desire to help clients to make better choices using logic. I was well equipped to logically offer guidance.  In addition to my bachelor's degree in Social & Health Services, I earned a life coaching certification, learned therapeutic healing techniques, went to workshops and studied with today's most recognized contemporary spiritual leaders. I was educated and intellectually equipped to assist my clients' search for new awareness to enrich their perspectives and best resolve issues in their lives.

Alas, words of good advice and philosophies are easily spoken. We can read, watch videos and listen to podcasts suggesting a bazillion methods to live our best life with ways to solve our problems and find our purpose, happiness and fulfillment. The truth is that we learn from living our lives and we make all of our choices influenced by what we know in that moment of time. The information we read, see and hear certainly provide us with insight into new awareness but ultimately it is our actions taken as a result of a decision that defines our reality and character. We live to find our own unique answers to who we are and what matters to us. No two lives are the same, circumstances may be similar, but how life is experienced is guided by our ever-evolving and unmatched perspectives. The answers to my life questions have little or no relevance to yours because who and what matters to each of us is different.

Conversations About Life is about you discovering your own answers to best live your life aligned with your priorities and desires.