Conversations About Life

photo of Donna sitting outside under tree canopy

Conversations About Life is about developing self-awareness, making the changes to improve our lives, and accepting what cannot be changed without resisting it. Our best decisions are made with a strong understanding of ourselves and knowing who and what is important to us. The richness of our connection with ourselves makes the need for worldly possessions, validation and accolades less important. The ability to differentiate between our ego-driven thoughts and our soulful wisdom creates the consciousness within us to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

My work as an analyst for the past 40 years has taught me how to approach challenges to find the most optimal solutions. Over these many years, I have learned that the best results are achieved when we use what we know intellectually combined with how we feel and what we believe is true (our intuition). It is the results of the choices we make that influence how we live. The more we know, the better we can live our lives. And there can be no wrong choices because all our choices lead to experiences that provide us with the opportunity to know more about ourselves and life.