Coaching Services

There is an unimaginable comfort in becoming your own best friend, to cherish and value yourself in ways that you do others.  I can support you with learning to love and value yourself, understanding the significance of your choices, and help you to find clarity, confidence and courage to make necessary changes.  A strong consciousness enables the ability to sustain peace and contentment amid the unpredictability of life’s challenges.  With acceptance of every moment in your life while taking actions to best influence your experiences, you can avoid suffering that is caused by denying or  resisting your reality. 

Few understand the real and devastating effects of narcissistic personality disorder or recognize the potentially crippling circumstances the victim experiences resulting from a relationship with a narcissist.  The goal for some is removing themselves completely and for others it is establishing firm boundaries to protect themselves from the narcissist’s manipulations.  In both instances knowledge is the power.  Having survived my own long term entanglement with a narcissist, my desire is to help other victims of narcissist abuse find their way to a better life.

No matter your life circumstances, it is possible to find the courage to change or leave what no longer serves you and rediscover your true self and desires to begin again with clarity.

Our first conversation is always free. 

To request a consultation, you can inform me of your circumstances by sending me an email, leave a brief voice message or text me.  We can then determine a time to talk.